Strengthen your steps on the road to license renewal!

Thanks to the realism and experienced staff of our simulator center, you will be best prepared for your upcoming Assesment interview with tailor-made trainings.

With the briefing you will make before the flight, you will not skip the stage of getting information about the flight.

Afterwards, you can go to the cockpit of the professional Airbus A320 and study the procedure with our experienced captain pilots, test yourself in difficult weather conditions, so you can see your shortcomings and focus on them.

Tested and approved by flight academies.

Trainings you can get when you come to our simulator center:

A320 & B737 Adaptation Training: Get professional knowledge!
A320 & B737 Assessment Preparation: Get through the recruitment process stress-free!
APS & OPS Preparation: Brush up on your most important knowledge!
Captain Trainings: Get all kinds of knowledge thanks to our captain trainers!
CRM Preparation: Remember the CRM rules again and apply!

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